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NYC Air Quality Dangerously Low

Note: This announcement is for June 7, 2023 and may continue for 24 or 48 hours more. 

Air quality in NYC.jpeg

Dear family and friends,


I hope you all are in good health. As you know, THE AIR QUALITY IS POOR. Please, if you must go out wear masks. If it is not necessary, DO NOT go out, especially people with asthma, high blood pressure or any Bronchial disorders. 

Take your medications and make sure that the mask you wear is KN95 or a P100 respirator. Please take care of the elderly and drink plenty of fluids. Please be aware if the air quality still has dangerous levels. If things get worse, there will be evacuations to take refuge in the more affected areas.

Stay safe.

You are all in my prayers, please pray for us too. Thank you.  

May God bless us all and we hope that this will be over soon.  


On behalf of the Filomeno Family   

Resources to help persons and parents struggling to deal with sensory issues or to meet sensory needs. Please see link below for more information.

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