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Smilie, Hazel, Angie, Jessica and Jessenia Filomeno.

The Filomeno Family is a very united family with morals and principals and with a lot of passion for education. All of the members of the board of directors have professionalism and compassion for others. We accomplished our education and careers with a lot of struggle and sacrifice. For this reason, we understand that many parents have difficulties to send their children to school.  The idea of this foundation was formed 18 years ago.





The CEO Jessenia Filomeno has 32 years serving the community and has a Bachelor in Architecture.  She is certified in Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid USA and certified in “VIRTUS” for children who have been sexually abused. Angela Filomeno is the President and Founder. She is certified in Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid USA and certified in “VIRTUS” for children who have been sexually abused.  Jessica Filomeno, one of the members, is an art teacher, licensed real estate agent, singer, composer, and designer. Smilie Filomeno is a Life Coach / Social Worker with an MSW (Master of Social Work.  She is certified in Adult Mental Health First Aid USA.  Hazel Filomeno, is the CEO of Sea Green Cleaning Company.  We will continue to educate ourselves so we can be able to advance our mission and vision.


At the present time, the manner in which we provide funds for the students is to have fundraising events as well as the board of directors’ in-kind donations. Some of the fundraising events include school supply drives, bake sales, flea markets and tabling at festivals. 


Now that we are all professionals we decided to help those children that are in need. With our program and the effort of the community, we believe that our mission will be accomplished to help lower the dropout rate for a better society.

The corporation is being formed because we, the Filomeno Family, have finished our education with many obstacles such as low income and many illnesses.  Despite this, 

we want to be a role model and a contributor to our community, by giving recognition to

the students based on their academic achievements and effort.  We want to lower the dropout rate and encourage the students to continue their education.   



The corporation will accomplish these purposes by continuing to have fundraising events to give scholarships and awards.  The difference of our organization is that we have a unique way in which our organization operates, which is by following the same student from Kindergarten through College every year.  We review each student’s report card and when an improvement in academics is noted, we award the students.   After tracking the same student’s progress every year, an award is given to the students for any subject they’ve improved and for their attendance in school.  A student from our organization is chosen randomly for a shopping spree for food and another shopping spree for clothing is for another student. Because we award them with a small amount of money for their academic achievements, it becomes a competition amongst themselves to hone in on their schoolwork.  Our foundation works with the principals, teachers, parents, and community to ensure that the students that we help to flourish and stay in school.  We make sure that the parents are involved with the activities of the foundation for the benefit of the students.  By accomplishing these purposes, we are making a difference in the community.

We host a yearly award ceremony for the students, with small scholarships, dinner, and school supplies. Our annual student ceremony is a celebration that each participant has passed an academic year.  Certificates are presented to the students from our foundation as well as community leaders and dignitaries. We also have guest speakers that give motivational speeches to the participants and their parents.  One or two students are selected each year to shop for uniforms, clothing, school supplies, and food for Thanksgiving.  During our Christmas event, we have gifts, dinner, and entertainment for the students and parents.  Our foundation gives students recommendation letters and refers them to different programs and job opportunities.  The students receive financial and health educational seminars. We also take them to entertainment outings such as the “Barclay’s Center” in Brooklyn, “Brooklyn Cyclones ” Baseball Games, etc.  We believe that the students will benefit from all of the tools that we provide. Our experience of 32 years serving the community has helped empower students and give them an awareness of how important education is.  Other people that will benefit are the parents, teachers, principals, and the community because we help them work together for a better world. 



The incorporation intends on accomplishing guiding the students to complete their education and therefore contributing to lower the dropout rate.  We encourage the parents to become more involved with their child's education and at the same time, we are helping develop a better economic and social situation for the students. 



The people who will benefit from these purposes are the students from New York.  We do not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.  We follow the same student every year to ensure that the student continues their education.   Other people that will benefit are the parents, teachers, principals, and the community because we help them work together for a better society. 



The foundation encourages the students to do community service by inviting them to events to get them involved in the community.  Eventually, our goal is to lower the dropout rate.

The support you give to Filomeno Family Awards Foundation Inc.

helps us achieve our mission. 

We are Tax Exempt under section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


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